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Independent designing of customised, one-piece abutments.

You wax up your abutment with the aid of our MedentiCAD modelling base.

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MedentiCAD bridges and bars provide you with the option of creating customised, multi-unit CAD/CAM fabricated bar and bridge restorations on MedentiBASE abutments. You can choose between bar and bridge restorations screw-retained directly on MedentiBASE abutments or bar and bridge restorations screw-retained with MedentiBASE adhesive caps for a passive fit. The existing CAD system can be used in combination with our free MedentiCAD library for bridges and bars for this, without having to make further investments. You send the bridge or bar design you have created via the MedentiCAD log-in area. After receipt of the design data, the designed bridge or bar is manufactured to the highest precision and delivered to you.

The MEDENTiKA® titanium bases are compatible with very different indications and are available for all conventional implant Systems. MEDENTiKA® titanium bases are always original – regardless of whether they are used as rotating titanium bases for multi-unit restorations or indexed titanium bases with short or long chimneys for single-tooth restorations.

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The rotating titanium bases are available in the chimney height of 3.5 mm. They are suitable for fabricating multi-unit bridges and bars, either digitally using the original MEDENTiKA® library or for waxing up the superstructure conventionally.

Scanbodies are suitable for both intraoral and conventional use in a scanner. All scanbodies are manufactured from titanium, ensuring considerably higher precision and durability.
The scanbodies with a special surface treatment can be sterilised and are labeled for better differentiation. Scanbodies are required for use both as titanium bases and also for the design of customised MedentiCAD abutments.

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High precision PreFace abutments as milling blanks. To create MEDENTiKA® abutments digitally you need
1.) CAD software (3Shape, Exocad, Dentalwings or Delcam)
2.) The original MEDENTiKA® abutment library for PreFace abutments.

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Highly precise repositionable, radially and axially absolutely positionally stable laboratory analogues specially developed for printed models for the digital impression and intraoral use in the scanner. The final position can be reliably checked and clearly defined by a highly perceptible >>CLICK<< which prevents the position being changed unintentionally due to vibration or contamination etc. This considerably increases the process reliability and avoids often very costly errors. The product range is supplemented by the appropriate placement tools for the respective laboratory implants.

Using the MedentiBASE abutment you can fabricate a wide range of multi-unit, conventional or CAD/CAM bar and bridge restorations in the upper and lower jaws.You can choose between direct screw-retained bar and bridge restorations or screw-retained bar and bridge restorations with the aid of the MedentiBASE adhesive base for Passive- fit. MedentiBASE Abutments are available in 5 different gingival heights.

The MedentiBase titanium base is available in the chimney height of 3.5 mm. It is suitable for adhesive retention of multi-unit bridges and bars, in particular fabricated using ceramic materials and resin materials. The original MEDENTiKA® library is available for the digital design.

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The MedentiBASE scanbody can be used for scanning the model situation and digitisation. The MedentiBase library, which is required for the design of the framework, can of course be obtained from MEDENTiKA® free of charge. This is now available for 3shape, Dentalwings and Exocad.

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In just 3 steps to your customised, single-part abutment :
1_ Scanning 2_ Designing 3_ Sending of data
You work with a CAD/CAM system from 3Shape, Dentalwings or Exocad. Then you can design your own customised abutments with the aid of our free MedentiCAD library .

You model your abutment with the aid of our MedentiCAD modelling base and we manufacture it for you.

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