• Highly precise implant systems, innovative components

Only one conical connection between the implant and the abutment in the case of implants with a diameter of 3.5 to 5.0 mm.

Integrated system-linked platform switching shifts the transition between the implant and the abutment. This keeps bacterial stimuli away from the peri-implant tissue and creates a stable apposition of hard and soft tissue.

Conical connection between the implant and the abutment that is completely free of micromovements. As a result of this no mechanical irritations arise and the retention of the peri-implant bone is positively influenced.

The implant abutment connection meets all the system requirements for permanent red-white aesthetics in conjunction with a subcrestal implant position and the coronal microthread section.

The connection that is bacteria and liquid proof considerably reduces the risk of infection, ensures healthy tissue that is not irritable and prevents bone depletion.

MEDENTiKA® has developed a unique implant system with Microcone that impresses with its excellent, long-term aesthetic results and perfect function.

Quattrocone is the most innovative implant system from MEDENTiKA®. It was developed by implantologists for implantologists.

Quattrocone30 is because of its design the perfect implant for angulated insertion and for direct loading.

Procone was specially developed for the increased surgical requirements on an implant. The newly developed high-profile thread ensures high primary stability, even in soft bone and with immediate implant placement in extraction alveoli.

The MEDENTiKA® Minicone implant has been developed for intraosseous insertion in the upper or lower jaw. The Minicone is a one-piece, root-shaped implant with an irradiated and etched, rough, residue-free surface, including integrated prosthetic Optiloc patrix.


  • MedentiCAD

  • Regardless of whether hybrid abutments on titanium bases, customised titanium abutments or multi-unit bridges and bars of the MPS Line (Multi Platform Systems) and IPS Line (Implant Systems): with MEDENTiKA® you have the most diverse possibilities

MedentiCAD bridges and bars provide you with the option of creating customised, multi-unit CAD/CAM fabricated bar and bridge restorations on Medenti-BASE abutments. You can choose between bar and bridge restorations screw-retained directly on MedentiBASE abutments or bar and bridge restorations screw-retained with MedentiBASE adhesive caps for a passive fit.

The existing CAD system can be used in combination with our free MedentiCAD library for bridges and bars for this, without having to make further investments. You send the bridge or bar design you have created via the MedentiCAD log-in area. After receipt of the design data, the designed bridge or bar is manufactured to the highest precision and delivered to you.

More about MedentiCAD

The free MedentiCAD implant library enables completely independent designing of customised, one-piece abutments. Your existing CAD system can be used for designing yet no further financial investments are required.

You don’t work with a CAD/CAM system ... no problem! You simply wax up the required abutment shape manually with the aid of our MedentiCAD modelling base, create the order in the MedentiCAD log-in area of our internet page and send the waxed up abutment to MEDENTiKA® in the packaging supplied.

We mill within 48 hours, including the most unusual abutment requirements in the usual MEDENTiKA® precision.