With the highly innovative Microcone range of prosthetics you are able to realise all possible prosthetic indications. The high precision, conical implant abutment connection is hindering micro movements at its best. Even for demanding cases there is a wide range of abutments available within the Microcone system. Whether crown, bridge or removable restorations – with the great variety of prosthetic parts you will have the full scope of all prosthetic indications.

The unique, highly complex, selfcutting micro-macro thread of the implant promotes the permanent apposition of bone cells and their retention in a really ideal manner not just in the crestal area, but across the entire implant surface. The continuous presence of the microthread on the macrothread sides and in the root of the thread generates the requirements for the largest possible contact surface with the bone. In the case of subcrestal insertion this results in an accumulation of the bone over the shoulder to the interface in conjunction with the conical tight joint. Together with the biologically ideally dimensioned microthread the conical joint ensures that it also permanently stays put there. This for its part results in the supporting of the soft tissue above it and thus permanent red and white aesthetics. The thread design that is to be inserted atraumatically reduces the possibility of medium to long-term decubital necrosis to a minimum.


The natural forming of the prosthetic emergence profile is an additional building block to ensure aesthetically predictable results and achieves ideal long-term treatment successes in conjunction with all the other outstanding properties of the implant. It preserves the mucous membranes and takes account of the biological principles in the case of all indications. And not least it ensures ideal prosthetic handling.

The ultra-pure, corundum blasted and acid-etched surface extends over the entire length of the implant to the implant shoulder (the implant shoulder is now machined). It possesses macro-micro roughness that is ideally dimensioned for the deposition of bone-forming cells and thus enhances the ideal and above all reliable long-term osseointegration of the Microcone implant. It ensures well above average crestal bone formation in conjunction with the coronal microthread and the conical interface, throughout the implant shoulder to the interface. 

  • Implant diameters from
    3 mm to 5 mm
  • Implant lengths from 
    6.5 mm to 15 mm

5 implant diameters and 6 implant lengths facilitate ideal dimensioning of the implants for each indication. The implant diameter 3 mm (two part) enables insertion in narrow tooth gaps of the upper side and lower side and middle incisors.