Procone was specially developed for the increased surgical requirements on an implant. The newly developed high-profile thread ensures high primary stability, even in soft bone and with immediate implant placement in extraction alveoli. The rough microthread on the implant neck region promotes preservation of the crestal bone* and increases primary stability, particularly in the case of a sinus lift.

The parallel-walled, high-profile thread ensures high primary stability. The high primary stability also remains intact if the implant is slightly turned back during insertion. This gives the surgeon more flexibility with horizontal positioning of the implant.


The implant connection is compatible with the Camlog Tube-in-Tube™ implant-abutment connection**.
MEDENTiKA® provides a variety of options for fabricating functional and highly precise prosthetic restorations. The optimum restoration for Camlog** and Procone implants can be found with the various products of the C-series.

The crestal microthread promotes apposition of bone cells* and their preservation in the crestal region. The rough microthread significantly increases the primary stability with soft bone and/or sinus lift. Functional forces are distributed to the surrounding bone and create positive mechanical stimulation of the bone.


The Procone implant body tapers conically in the apical region and together with the high-profile thread and 3 cutting edges provides high primary stability, even in demanding situations. A newly developed high-profile thread ensures maximum primary stability in all bone conditions. It is self-cutting and kind to the bone despite high primary stability. Short insertion time due to 0.9 mm thread pitch per rotation.

The high-purity, sandblasted and acid-etched surface extends over the entire implant surface to the 0.4 mm machined implant neck region. It has excellently dimensioned micro-macro roughness for apposition of bone-forming cells, reliably promoting optimum long-term osseointegration of the implant. In combination with the coronal microthread it can ensure outstanding crestal bone formation.


* Based on the principle of crestal bone preservation by a microthread.
** Camlog products are supplied by Camlog Biotechnologies AG, who has no legal or economical relation to MEDENTiKA®.