• Novaloc Abutments

  • Maximum hardness in combination
    with optimum sliding characteristics

The Novaloc abutment is a further development of our MedentiLocabutments and provides a completely wear-free, mirror-smooth surface, which is almost as hard as diamond. The smallest possible opening on the head prevents the accumulation of food residue. The angled Novaloc abutments provide the possibility for the first time of effectively compensating for the divergences between implants.

  • Novaloc

  • optimum treatment guaranteed

The surface quality of the ADLC coating (amorphous diamond-like carbon) sets new standards. Maximum hardness in combination with optimum sliding characteristics reduces abrasion on the abutment and damage to the retention insert.


In combination with the angled Novaloc abutments you can compensate
for divergences of up to 70° between the implants.


Retention inserts made from PEEK high-performance plastic are manufactured with extreme precision and can optimally absorb lateral pressure thanks to the patented design.


The matrix housing is available in titanium and also beige PEEK. The solution where only minimum space is available or if it is important to be metal-free.

The small screw head opening of the straight Novaloc abutment reduces food packing.


Retention inserts can be inserted and removed within 5 seconds. Accessories such as the very low impression matrix or easy-to-use matrix housing extractor provides stress-free handling.


  • Matrix system

  • Permanent quality

  • Gingiva heights

  • Maximum flexibility

Novaloc abutments are available in 5 different gingival heights.

  • Retention insert

  • No compromises

You have the choice between 6 retention inserts with different retention forces, which easily master divergences up to 20 degrees per implant. In combination with angled Novaloc abutments even 35° per implant.