• Optiloc abutments

  • Slimmer than the market leader, more retentive than ball attachments

The Optiloc abutment combines the advantages of the Novaloc abutment with the minimal space requirements of the ball attachment. It provides a completely wear-free, mirror-smooth surface, which is almost as hard as diamond.

  • Optiloc

  • optimum treatment guaranteed

The surface quality of the ADLC coating (amorphous diamond-like carbon) sets new standards. Maximum hardness in combination with optimum sliding characteristics reduces abrasion on the abutment and damage to the retention insert.


The Optiloc matrix system can be used to compensate for divergences of up to 40° between the implants.


Retention inserts made from PEEK high-performance plastic are manufactured with extreme precision and can optimally absorb lateral pressure thanks to the patented design.


The very slender titanium matrix housings are the ideal solution where only minimum space is available.


Retention inserts can be inserted and removed within 5 seconds. Accessories such as the very low impression matrix or easy-to-use matrix housing extractor guarantee stress-free handling.


Slimmer than the market leader, more retentive than ball attachments. Optimum dimensions now also allow the matrix to be placed where only minimum space is available.


The Optiloc matrix allows small movements of the denture without disengaging the restoration. Unlike other matrix systems, however, the Optiloc always returns to the initial position.


  • Matrix system

  • Permanent quality

  • Gingiva heights

  • Maximum flexibility

The Optiloc abutments are available in 5 different gingiva heights.

  • Retention inserts

  • No compromises

You have the choice between 6 retention inserts with different retention forces, which easily master divergences up to 20 degrees per implant.