5 facts

A team that perfects products with élan. On a daily basis and with passion.

Our extensive range provides excellent prosthetics for all conventional implant Systems.

The guarantee covers not only the quality and durability of the abutments – in addition, there is also a guarantee on implants of other manufacturers.

We know that we achieve this quality in the location where precise craftsmanship and industrial manufacture has a long tradition: in Germany.

No. 1 for prosthetically compatible, prefabricated and custom-fabricated implant components.

MEDENTiKA® has character

Standard – by this we mean: first-class quality. Everything else is a waste of time, energy and material. Our customers provide optimum services in their laboratories and practices. They have a right to a perfect product range at an affordable price. We founded MEDENTiKA® for this purpose in 2005. We prove that quality does not have to be a luxury. We believe it is a question of character. In a world that is increasingly subjected to the laws of the market, we consciously stand for a different approach.

Since we were founded, we have provided dental technicians, dentists and patients with absolutely reliable abutments, implant components and our in-house developed implant systems. All products are made in Germany. We also place great value on compatibility, durability and realistic prices.

MEDENTiKA® is passion

We believe in the power of our ideas. Our work is not simply a job – it is a passion. We utilise all our skills in the team: experience and curiosity, idealism, patience, energy – and a little rebellious spirit á la Robin Hood. It simply gives us pleasure to inspire our customers with excellent products.